Welcome to the Staff Newsletter. This is a secondary resource for keeping up with the happenings at the Tavern. Ideally you will hear about these things at Pre-Shift first, but if you miss something, or want to look back for a reminder, this is the place to do it. Any feedback is appreciated.

  1. Tomorrow(Tuesday 2/11) we are starting the new menu  Please keep an eye out for Toast menu errors. We can fix these on the fly, please just let us know ASAP.


  1. Please tell guests at checkout time about our food and can drive. They can earn a shot at a $50 gift card for every  non perishable they bring. Drawing is at the end of the month.


  1. Stay on top of your tables. If you need help, please ask another server or a manager. There is no shame in making sure our guests get the best experience possible. Don’t let your pride get in the way.


  1. Stay off your phones. No quick texts, No facetiming. No “I just wanted to show them a picture”. No phones on the bar register. No phones on the clock. Period. Any important issues can be brought up to a manager first.