We are so pumped! Union Street Tavern is your place to catch great live music. Here’s our current lineup!

Friday, 11/17 Aaron Spearin 8-11pm

Wednesday, 11/22 Second Annual CT IPA Face Off at the Tavern!

This event will run from open to close on Thanksgiving Eve, with over 20 outstanding CT breweries letting their IPAs face off against each other to see which brew comes out on top! Last year Sea Hag from New England Brewing Company took the title, with Baby Kittens from Fat Orange Cat coming in second & Ice Cream Man from Back East coming in third. Don’t miss your chance to vote for your favorite brews & win some swag along the way! The list of competing brews as it stands right now is as follows:

  • Abomination Fog Nog
  • Abomination Gingerbread Fog
  • Alvarium Green Out (on draft)
  • Alvarium Pink-182 (on draft)
  • Athletic Free Wave
  • Athletic Run Wild
  • Back East Gelato Girl Orange Cream
  • Back East Ice Cream Man (on draft)
  • Bad Sons Winter Haze (on draft)
  • Broken Symmetry Nano Nimbus
  • City Steam Naughty Nurse IPA (on draft)
  • Counterweight Ho Ho Hope for the Kids (on draft)
  • Counterweight Rarefaction
  • Eredita Zeal – Riwaka
  • Fat Orange Cat Baby Kittens (on draft)
  • Fat Orange Cat She Drives a Plymouth Satellite
  • Five Churches Microphone Smells like Mosaic
  • Five Churches Tangerine Steeple People
  • Hanging Hills Teenage Dirtbag (on draft)
  • Hog River Nerd Alert
  • Labyrinth Baby Love Juice
  • Labyrinth Champion of the Sun
  • *New England Brewing Company Attack of Duckzilla Triple Fuzzy Baby Ducks* (yes, on draft!!)
  • New England Brewing Company Fuzzy Baby Ducks 
  • New England Brewing Company G-Bot (on draft)
  • New England Brewing Company Sea Hag (on draft)
  • Nod Hill Geobunny
  • Outer Light Juicy Bulls#!t
  • Relic Fault Lines
  • Schenker Emerald Gardens
  • Thimble Island Ghost Island
  • Tox Fugu

Murray the Wheel will also be playing live music from 8-11pm & we’ll have 2 for $5 Plant Botanical vodka seltzers for the non beer drinkers plus beer-inspired food to nosh along with our full menu!

Saturday, 11/25 Quinn Miller 8-11pm

Friday, 12/8 Quinn Miller 8-11pm

Saturday 12/16 Murray the Wheel 8-11pm


*Lineup dates subject to change.